Adjoining Cottages Purbeck Dorset

Isle of Wight adjoining self catering cottages for large family groups or those wishing to book two or more cottages next to one another. Neigbouring holiday cottages allow for larger groups or two families holidaying together. holiday cottages available forself catering holidays on Purbeck in Coastal Dorset. Holiday properties located nearby to one another and often around a farm yard or in the grounds of a manor house.

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Adjoining Cottages Purbeck

Adjoining Cottages Purbeck Dorset Holiday Cottage Map

Adjoining Cottages Purbeck Dorset Self Catering Map

Purbeck Cottage Map

Adjoining Cottages Self Catering Cottages

Accommodation for larger parties such as families traveling together or large family get togethers. Adjoining self catering cottages are often located around a courtyard, on the grounds of a manor house or when a large building is divided up into multiple holiday homes.