Freshwater Bay Thatched Church

St Agnes' Church Freshwater Isle of Wight
Thatched Church

Freshwater Bay has many beautiful things to see and little can compete with the dramatic landscape of tall white cliffs or that attractive bay.  However, a visitor would be missing out if they overlooked the thatched church which is also to be found there.

St. Agnes’ Church, Freshwater is the only thatched churches on the Isle of Wight and the roundness that the thatch gives to the building makes it one of the ‘friendliest’ looking churches too.

The church has been a feature of Freshwater for more than 100 years after Lord Tennyson’s son donated land to have the church built.

St. Agnes’ Church is located along the Freshwater Bay to Alum Bay road. It is a 5min walk North West from the beach at Freshwater Bay.

You can read more about St. Agnes’ Church at,_Freshwater or see some historic pictures and more information at

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