Walk from Freshwater Bay to the Needles

Many people don’t know how easy and how beautiful the walk is between Freshwater Bay and the Needles so here is quick outline of the route. The route shouldn’t take more than an hour at a steady pace but you might get delayed by some of the beautiful sea views along the way.

View of Freshwater Bay on the Isle of Wight
Freshwater Bay

The walk starts at Freshwater Bay with a view of the sea. There is a Lifeboat Charity shop, a cafe and a small village shop at which to pick up some water or food for the walk.

From the beach and facing out to sea turn right and walk alongside the road for 100 meters to where there are some public lavatories. At this point turn left onto a track leading to the coast. After another 100 meters there is a small gate on your right which you pass through and follow the path up the hill.

The path up the hill is very wide and usually has a few people walking the same way. Keep the sea on your left and you won’t go wrong.

After 15 or 20 minutes you should reach the Tennyson Monument which is a good spot to stop and enjoy the view.

Continue down the hill on the other side of the Tennyson Monument keeping the sea on your left but sticking to the footpath.  The path goes into a dip before climbing up the other side back onto high ground where you can see the sea again.

Needles Isle of Wight
Needles View

Keep going right to the end of the headland where you find the “secret” missile testing centre which is now open to the public. From here you should find a great view of the Needles.

You can walk back to Freshwater the way you have come and enjoy the views from a different angle or follow the road down to Alum Bay and take a bus back to Freshwater from where you can walk to Freshwater Bay.

We hope you enjoy this walk but recommend you always walk with a map or someone who knows the way. Always take plenty of water and we recommend taking some local foods and specialities to snack on along the way to make the walk even more enjoyable.

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