New Ventnor Self Catering Cottage – Etchings Cottage

Etchings Cottage is a new self catering holiday cottage in Ventnor and within a short walk of Ventnor Beach. This exquisitely furnished and decorated holiday rental property has 3 bedrooms, 2 sitting rooms, a family dining room and a spacious kitchen. Etchings is ideal for family holidays by the sea on the Isle Wight.

Ventnor is a historic seaside holiday resort and has been a favourite destination of those wishing a peaceful holiday by the sea. The beach a mix of sand and soft shingle which makes it wonderful for sunbathing. The Southeast facing beach catches most of the summer sun and the water is ideal for swimming.

The town of Ventnor is a mix of small shops, cafes and restaurants. There is a welcoming a friendly atmosphere as you find of most of the Island. Historic buildings and curiosities are sprinkled around town and many pose besides the waterfall or visit the fish market.

Ventnor has some beautiful parks and gardens. There are the Ventnor Gardens and the Ventnor Botanical Gardens. Ventnor Gardens are just South of the town centre and has beautiful open lawns and flower beds. Visitors and locals enjoy the benches and the dappled light through the overhanging trees. Ventnor Botanical Gardens are located towards St Lawrence and have a wide variety of exotic plants which thrive in the warm micro-climate.

Etchings Cottage 2018 Holiday Season

Etchings Cottage is newly available so still has availability for the 2018 self catering holiday season. To see more information about Etchings, including photographs, a full description, availability and much more visit Etching Cottage Ventnor Isle of Wight

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