Purbeck Holiday Photos

Jurassic Coast in Dorset
Jurassic Coast on Purbeck

For photos of Purbeck and the Jurassic Coast try our new Isle of Purbeck Photo Gallery. Each photo comes with extra information about the place and what you will see there. You can use it to get ideas on where to go when visiting Purbeck.

We will also be adding new photographs of Purbeck every week and especially events taking place in Purbeck over the summer.

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Isle of Wight Coast – West Coast Beaches

Whale Chine West Isle of Wight Beach
Whale Chine

The West coast of the Isle of Wight is a dramatic and beautiful part of the Island’s coastline. One of the least visited and yet most beautiful stretches is the area between Brighstone and Niton which includes Shepherds Chine and Whale Chine.

Shepherds Chine Isle of Wight
Shepherds Chine

Shepherds Chine and Whale Chine are shingle beaches with patches of sand brought in by the tide. The water is clear and many people are found paddling and swimming in the sea. The beaches have no shops or facilities but more than make up for this with dramatic scenery and a peaceful atmosphere.

Whale Chine can now only be reached by walking along from Shepherds Chine and although this can be an effort on the shingle beach it is a rewarding experience. Here there is more than a mile of beach backed by high cliffs and a 180 degree view of the sea.

When visiting either bay it is important to bring all you may need for the day and especially drinking water. The bays either side of Shepherds Chine can become cut off by the tide so be aware of tides and if in doubt ask.

Find out more information about Isle of Wight beaches at our Isle of Wight Beaches page.

The Knook, Shanklin – New Photos

The Knook Shanklin Isle of Wight
The Knook

There are lots of new photos of the Knook taken this week.

The Knook – Shanklin Holiday Home

This large and luxurious holiday home between Shanklin and Godshill is in a beautiful area with good access to the sea on the East coast while being surrounded by beautiful countryside ideal for walking and cycling. There is also a direct route from the Knook to Ventnor beach which is popular with Islanders and has wonderful water for swimming.

The Knook is one of Island Cottage Holidays’ luxury holiday cottages and more 5 star and Gold Award cottages can be found on our Luxury Holiday Cottage page.

Coastal Walk – Beach to Beach South East Isle of Wight

This walk is a moderately long but reasonable flat walk which takes you along the East coast of the Isle of Wight and from one beach to another.

The walk starts in Yaverland  from where it goes to Sandown to Shanklin to Luccombe to Bonchurch to Wheeler Bay to Ventnor and finally Steephill Cove. You can then return to Yaverland by bus.

The start of this walk is in Yaverland where there is a big car park and a little cafe for supplies. From here you walk towards Sandown with the sea on your left hand side. Yaverland Beach is well known for water sports like sea kayaking and kite surfing and you might see one of the fantastic displays.

Sandown Beach Sailing Boat
Sandown Beach

In Sandown continue to follow the sea and continue past Sandown Pier. After a little further on the beach front road ends and you continue along the coastal pathway.

This smooth flat footpath and cycle track continues all the way to Shanklin beach and here the path joins a road along the seafront.

Shanklin Seafront
Shanklin Seafront Clock

Shanklin beach is another sandy beach and is popular with holiday makers. Cafes and public houses are located along the beach front. The road you are walking beside ends in a small turning circle but you must continue along the beach for another 100 meters before climbing up the path on your right to the top of the cliff.

Follow the coastal path signs inland and walk towards Luccombe. Much of this part of the coastal path is track and small roads and after passing Dunnose Magna you climb up to a car park which is on the main Shanklin to Ventnor road.

From this car park follow the pathway through the trees till you reach a clearing and the Smugglers Haven cafe. The cafe is a good place to stop for a light meal or snack and they do excellent crab sandwiches,

Devils Chimney Isle of Wight
Devil's Chimney Isle of Wight

From the cafe head on to the cafe car park and take the path in the far corner down towards the coast. A short way down you turn right and come to the Devil’s Chimney. The Devil’s Chimney is steep gully in the rock and the path with steps runs down through it. It is a dramatic scene and quite narrow in places.

Once you have emerged from the Devils Chimney take the path to your right and continue down towards the coast. There are wooden steps and at the bottom turn right onto the old coastal path and walk on into Bonchurch.

Bonchurch has a pretty church and a lovely village pond with ducks. It is well worth a look so follow the road into the village where you also find an excellent restaurant.

Bonchurch view towards Wheeler Bay
Bonchurch to Wheeler Bay

To continue on to Ventnor you must turn left near the far end of the Bonchurch village pond and follow the road down to Bonchurch beach. Once you are at the coast you must turn right and follow the concrete coastal path towards Wheeler Bay.

Wheeler Bay is a small bay between Ventnor and Bonchurch and is popular with fishermen who fish from the rocks. Continue through Wheeler Bay and stick closely to the sea. After another 10 minutes of walking we reach Ventnor.

Ventnor Beach Isle of Wight
Ventnor Beach

The coastal town of Ventnor is best known for the lovely beach where the water is perfect for swimming. There are a number of cafes and places to eat and drink.

The town of Ventnor is up above the beach and this is where you can catch a bus back to Sandown.

If you want to walk a little further the coastal path continues onto the wonderful bay called Steephill Cove. Steephill Cove is a good place to try the local crab and lobster and the beach is a quiet retreat even in the height of the school summer holidays.

We recommend you take a map with you when walking as the coastal paths are prone to diversions and changes.

Isle of Wight Holiday Photographs

New photos have been added to the Isle of Wight photo gallery. There are number of great places to see and with each photograph comes some extra information to help you find these places and enjoy them too.

Wheeler Bay near VentnorThis photograph of Wheeler Bay was taken from the hill above Bonchurch Beach. This South Eastern part of the Isle of Wight has a walk way along the coast from Bonchurch to Ventnor. A pleasant walk can be taken by the sea from Ventnor to Bonchuch where there is a bay and a beautiful village. The return walk can then be done inland via the historic church and village ppond in Bonchurch or back along the coast.

More Isle of Wight Photographs

Holiday cottages in Ventnor and Bonchurch can be found on our Ventnor Self Catering Holiday Cottages page.

Summer Village FĂȘte in Dorset and Isle of Wight

Village Fete Langton Matravers Dorset
Village Fete in Langton

The rural towns and villages are preparing for their annual fête and entertainments. All are welcome and visitors to the village are actively encouraged to join in with the events. Many of the games and stalls are especially enjoyed by the children who have a chance to make new friends and win small prizes.

A tea tent with cakes is one of the most popular features and there is often a good selection of locally made foods to sample. Many Fêtes are set in the grounds of beautiful houses and historic buildings and give a unique opportunity to explore parts of Dorset or the Isle of Wight which are usually inaccessible.

The photograph shows the village Fête at Langton Matravers in Dorset but there are similar upcoming events in Kingston, Corfe Castle, Worth Matravers, Studland and Swanage before the end of the summer as well as many locations across the Isle of Wight.

Round the Island Race

This magnificent sailing boat was photographed while taking part in the Round the Island Race.  The annual race runs right around the Isle of Wight and is a spectacular sight from many coastal points on the Isle of Wight. Spectators enjoy the view from the cliffs around Ventnor and Freshwater especially.

Round the Island Race
Round the Island Race

For more information about the race visit http://www.roundtheisland.org.uk/