Summer Holidays Self Catering

Summer on the Isle of Wight

To make it even easier to select a self catering holiday cottage on the Isle of Wight and Isle of Purbeck for this summer we have a new Summer Holidays Availability page.

The 6 weeks in July and August are listed across the top and available cottages for those weeks are listed down the page. You can quickly see if the cottage you prefer is available for any of these weeks.

To view more details on any one of these holiday weeks you can click on “view more” and see details of the cottages available.

To give it a try visit

What does “Sleeps +1 or +2” mean?

Many of our cottages describe themselves as sleeping a certain number of people and then +1 or +2. These plus numbers are sometimes confusing so we thought we should explain it properly.

The ‘+ number’ is the number of extra people the cottage or self catering holiday home will accommodate on folding beds or sofa beds. This extra accommodation allows 1 or 2 more people to stay at the cottage but without having their own private room.

So, if a cottage is described as ‘Sleeps 4 + 1 in 2 bedrooms’ the cottage will have four regular bed spaces plus an additional bed (folding or sofa bed) in one of the communal rooms. You can read about the exact nature of this additional sleeping space in the cottage description.

Yarmouth to Shalfleet Walk

Yarmouth Isle of Wight
Yarmouth Ferry Port

The coastal path between Yarmouth and Shalfleet is not very long but extremely beautiful and therefore ideal way to reach the New Inn pub in Shalfleet before retuning to Yarmouth. The path begins on the edge of Yarmouth with a seafront walk and then takes you to some woodland, a little open heath, some wetlands and then to Shalfleet via some more woods.

North Isle of Wight Coastal Path
Coastal Path

50°42’27″N 1°28’53″W) where you might prefer to start the walk and then follow the road for 700 meters of so till you see a sign for the coastal path.

Follow the coastal path which will take you to the sea via a small woodland area. Once you get to the sea walk with the sea on your left. This part of the walk gives you great views of the Solent and there are small beaches to stop and admire the sights in more detail.

Rural Walk on the North Isle of Wight Coastal Path
Raised Walkways

Soon the path goes inland a little and you join a wider track with some housing. Turn right onto the track and walk 100 meters to a junction. Keep left at this junction as if heading back to the coast. After 250 meters turn right and follow signs for the coastal path. The countryside will now open up and you will see some sea to your left. You walk though a small farm and rejoin the coast and you join a shingle beach. Walk along the shingle beach for a few hundred meters and then turn right to follow the path inland.

You then come to a wetland area with a raised wooden walk way. Here you will find a variety of bird life including waders.

The path leaves the wetlands and reenters the woods. This long straight woodland track veres left and then forks. Take the left hand fork and walk till you meet the main road. At the road turn left and walk the short way into Shalfeet where you will find the New Inn Public House.

A simular walk with only small variations and a different destination is available from


Isle of Wight Nature

Gift to Nature Isle of Wight
Gift To Nature

The Isle of Wight has large rural areas and more than 250 conservation sites which means almost every visitor to the Isle of Wight will experience something of this unique environment.

Of all the animals on the Isle of Wight there is one which stands out as an icon. The red squirrel is found in few other places in the United Kingdom but is common in some parts of the Isle of Wight. To get a chance of spotting this rare animal it is worth seeking out a conservation area like Borthwood Copse where sitting still is and keeping an eye on lower tree branches will likely give you a glimpse of this elusive mammal.

If you are interested in finding out more about the nature on the Isle of Wight we recommend visiting Gift to Nature which is an Isle of Wight charity supporting nature conservation across the Island. –

Luxury Self Catering Isle of Wight

Luxury Holiday Cottage Isle of WightThe tourist board have introduced a new award for luxurious self catering holiday properties. These ‘ 5 Star Gold Award ‘ self catering holiday homes are seen as being the very best of the 5 Star cottages and must have excellent facitlies in all the measured criteria.

Island Cottage Holidays has a number of 5 Star Gold Award properties which can be viewed here: Luxury and Gold Award

Seaview, Isle of Wight

Seaview Isle of WightThe Edwardian seaside town of Seaview on the East coast of the Isle of Wight has a loyal following and visitors to the town are renound for returning year after year to enjoy the beach, the attractive town and the company of friends and aquaintances made in the town. All this gives Seaview a friendly atmosphere which is often compared to some Cornish seaside towns.

There are beaches extending in both direction from the town and during the summer months these are popular with visitors and locals alike. If you are looking for some seclusion then Seaview offers this too. A short walk south and around the headland is a quiet sandy beach which even in the most popular summer months has only a scattering of bathers.

There is an excellent restaurant in Seaview at the Seaview Hotel as well as the Boat House located on the Esplanade. Alternatively there are a range of small cafes, shops and a public house.

It is little known but Seaview is a pleasant seaside walk away from Ryde so visitors to Ryde may wish to make the journey over to enjoy the walk and enjoy what Seaview has to offer.

Island Cottage Holidays has a number of self catering holiday cottages in Seaview and these can be viewed here: Seaview Holiday Cottages


Renting a Holiday Home

Letting a cottage for holiday lets is done for many reasons. It is a useful way to make a treasured family house pay for itself or allow one to improve and renovate a property, it can also be a good source of additional income as well as a rewarding and enjoyable experience. What ever the reason for deciding to let a property it is important keep certain things in mind when going about it and to help we have put together our 4 top tips for renting a property.

#1 (if buying) Buy The Right Property

If you are buying to let for holidays make sure you select a property which is attractive to holiday visitors. This may seem obvious but many buyers fail to consider the letting potential of a specific location over another or don’t think about proximity to the places holiday visitors want to visit. If you have an existing holiday home in a location not so popular with holiday visitors then look around for local attractions and places to visit and publicise these along with your property. We at Island Cottage Holidays free advice without obligation on buying a holiday property and we will even go and visit it before you buy.

#2 Don’t be Cheap

Renting a property by furnishing it with cast offs from home and the cheapest products will never save you money and cost you return visitors. By providing quality facilities you will get less breakages and break downs which could make the cottage unrentable and you will also encourage your visitors to come back and stay again. It is also shown that return visitors are more likely to treat a property with greater care and so reduce wear and tear on the holiday property.

#3 Be Welcoming

Your holiday guests appreciate a warm welcome. A friendly introduction in person or via a friendly note helps people settle in and feel at home. A small welcome pack or tea or coffee gives you guests an opportunity to put their feet up after their journey without having to unpack food or go to the shops. These thoughtful touches will be remembered.

#4 Maintain Quality and Record Visitor Feedback

Keeping a holiday cottage in good order throughout the season is made easier by keeping a maintenance book and a comment book in the cottage. These two books help you keep track of things that need to be replaced and alert you to when you need to change some aspect of the cottage. The maintenance book allows visitors to note down when a light bulb has blown or a plate has broken so you don’t waste time having to find these problems before you can fix them. The changeover between visitors is short and a quick list of what you might need to buy can be a great help. The comment book lets you know how people experienced the holiday so you can maintain good practice and change things if necessary.

We at Island Cottage Holidays have a great deal of experience renting holiday properties on the Isle of Wight and in Purbeck and we offer free advice without obligation to those wishing to rent a cottage. If you need more information about renting a holiday cottage with Island Cottage Holidays visit or call 01983 403377.



Christmas and New Year Self Catering

Snow covered cottages on the Isle of WightThe Isle of Wight is an excellent holiday location all year round but Christmas and New Year is a really special time to visit with the family. The Christmas of yesteryear is available right across the Isle of Wight with opertunities for crisp winter walks, carol singing on the village green and traditional town decorations.

Taking a Christmas or New Year holiday on the Isle of Wight has been an increasing trend and more and more people decide to treat the family to a holiday at this time. Often it takes much of the stress out of accommodating family at home during this period and gives everyone more space. This Isle of Wight is also ideal for escaping the high pressure Christmas mania due to a lower key approach on the Island to this holiday period.

View our Christmas and New Year availability here:

Christmas Self Catering Cottages Isle of Wight

New Year Self Catering Cottages Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight Photographs

Steephill Cove BeachWe have launched a new photo gallery showcasing some of those beautiful Isle of Wight beauty spots. The images have are a small part of our enormous photo library which we have been building for over 11 years. Digital photoraphy has enabled us to sort and catagorise 10’s of thousands of Isle of Wight images and images of Isle of Wight self catering holiday cottages.

The Isle of Wight photos are available at: